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How to Enhance Security Measures Amid Ukraine River War


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The western bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson, Ukraine, serves as a unique vantage point where the presence of Russian-occupied territory is palpable, though unseen. The landscape, seemingly tranquil, conceals the lurking threat of Russian troops across the low, marshy riverbank. The silent tension is shattered by incoming artillery fire, a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict.

The New Face of Warfare: Drones Take Center Stage

In the heart of this war-torn city, an abandoned apartment block becomes the setting for an encounter with a specialized unit tackling a significant innovation in modern warfare—drones. While war’s echoes are not new, this unit focuses on countering drones, marking a pivotal aspect of the invasion.

How to Enhance Security Measures Amid Ukraine River War

A Glimpse into the Militarized Living Room

As we seek refuge from the freezing winds, we are ushered into a militarized living room, a haven for Ukrainian soldiers. Strawberry vape aroma hangs in the air as soldiers, draped in quiet focus, occupy armchairs, accompanied by cans of Monster energy drink. The incongruity of their surroundings, adorned with floral wallpaper, emphasizes the stark contrast between the ordinary and the extraordinary lives these soldiers lead.

The Drone Menace: Unraveling the Tactics

Artem, a 20-year-old pilot, receives urgent news of Russian-launched drones from across the river. The mission is clear—to locate and eliminate the pilots. Armed with coordinates, the Samosud squad in Ukraine’s 11th National Guard Brigade swiftly mobilizes. The room is filled with a dozen drones, each loaded with grenades, while a cat, the unofficial unit mascot, nuzzles against the propellers.

Virtual Reality Unleashed: Artem’s Drone Reconnaissance

Artem dons his VR headset as one drone is taken outside. On a TV screen, we witness the drone’s journey across the river into occupied territory. From the drone’s perspective, signs of life are eerily absent as it navigates an industrial area, mirroring the surroundings of the apartment block. Guided by Artem’s skilled maneuvers, the drone locates an antenna in a stairwell and collides with it, confirming its destruction.

Business as Usual: The Evolution of Drone Warfare

Artem reflects on the emotional impact of their initial drone missions, now reduced to routine business. Launching another drone, the screen turns blue—the Russians activate their jamming system. Undeterred, a third drone successfully crosses the river, confirming the destruction of another antenna. With limited battery life, Artem continues his reconnaissance, targeting a main road used by the Russians for supplies.

The Relentless Pursuit: Targeting Supply Routes

The unit strategically targets the main supply route, preventing Russian reinforcements. Civilians are prohibited from driving on this road, allowing Ukrainian drone pilots to strike any vehicle with wheels. As Artem spots a Russian checkpoint, a jamming gun activates, turning the screen blue. The cat-and-mouse game continues, with Tymur, the squad commander, acknowledging the relentless and fearless nature of the Russian forces.

The Cost of High-Stakes Drone Warfare

The financial stakes are high, with each drone costing around $500. However, the returns can be substantial. Tymur recounts a remarkable success—the destruction of an S-350 air defense missile system valued at $136 million. This highlights the efficacy of their drone operations in disrupting and dismantling critical enemy assets.

Conclusion: The Frontline Heroes and Their Technological Arsenal

In the midst of Ukraine’s conflict, the Samosud squad emerges as unsung heroes, mastering the art of drone warfare to counter Russian advancements. Their relentless pursuit, coupled with technological prowess, signifies a new chapter in modern warfare.

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