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Kim Jong Un’s Daughter’s, Is Seen as His Likely Successor


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Introduction – Kim Jong Un

South Korea’s spy agency has made a significant assessment, stating that Kim Ju-ae, the young daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is likely to succeed her father as the country’s leader. This assessment is based on a comprehensive analysis of her public activities and the level of respect shown to her within North Korea. The announcement has sparked intense debate and speculation about the future leadership of North Korea.

Kim Ju-ae: The Heir Apparent

Kim Ju-ae, who is reportedly about 10 years old, made her first public appearance in November 2022, and since then, she has been accompanying Kim Jong Un to major public events. She has been portrayed in state media as Kim’s “most beloved” or “respected” child, and her public appearances have included scenes that were previously unimaginable in North Korea, such as being kissed on the cheek by her father and receiving the respect of high-ranking officials. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has cited these factors in declaring her as the likely successor to Kim Jong Un.

Speculation and Analysis

While the NIS assessment has drawn attention to Kim Ju-ae’s potential future role, some analysts have cautioned that the situation in North Korea is highly opaque, and the NIS has a spotty record in confirming developments in the country. Additionally, there is still uncertainty about Kim Jong Un’s other children and their potential roles in the succession plan. Despite the NIS’s assessment, the ultimate succession to North Korea’s leadership remains unpredictable.


The NIS’s assessment of Kim Ju-ae as the likely successor to Kim Jong Un has brought the issue of North Korea’s future leadership to the forefront of international attention. However, due to the secretive nature of the North Korean regime, the full extent of Kim Ju-ae’s future role and the succession plan remains uncertain. The coming years will likely see continued speculation and analysis regarding the leadership transition in North Korea.

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