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Mystery in the Skies: Russian Flight Vanishes Over Afghanistan


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On January 21, 2024, a Russian flight with six passengers and four crew members went missing over Afghanistan. The plane was a French-made Dassault Hawk 10 fly, produced in 1978, and was co-possessed by the Athletic Gathering LLC and a confidential person. The flight was operating as a charter ambulance flight between Gaya, India, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with Zhukovsky International Airport in Moscow as its final destination.

Crash Subtleties

The plane quit imparting and vanished from radar screens. As indicated by a representative for the Taliban’s Data and Culture Service, the plane was portrayed as “having a place with a Moroccan organization”. Be that as it may, Indian common flight authorities likewise portrayed the airplane as Moroccan-enlisted, and the inconsistency couldn’t be promptly accommodated. The pilot announced that one motor had halted, trailed continuously one, and the plane evaporated from radar screens 25 minutes after the fact.

Efforts at Rescue Teams were sent to the mountainous area near the Zebak district in Badakhshan province where the plane was believed to have gone down. The accident site was tracked down in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan territory, around 150 miles (250 km) north of Kabul. Four survivors were accounted for, and the Taliban-run Afghan flight service was examining the occurrence.

Global Transporters and Afghanistan

Global transporters have generally stayed away from Afghanistan since the Taliban’s 2021 takeover of the country. Those that momentarily navigate Afghan airspace rush through for only a couple of moments while going through a limited beg that extends out of the east of the country among Tajikistan and Pakistan.


Russia’s insightful Russian Flight has opened a lawbreaker case to decide if wellbeing guidelines were disregarded in the occurrence. The plane’s accounted for proprietor, a little Russian organization called Athletic Gathering LLC, didn’t quickly answer a solicitation for input

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