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Vin Diesel Blamed for Sexual Battery by Previous Partner


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Quick and Irate star Vin Diesel has been blamed for sexual battery by his previous collaborator, Asta Jonasson, in a claim documented in Los Angeles on December 21, 2023. Jonasson charges that Diesel constrained himself onto her in a lodging suite in Atlanta in 2010. The claim blames Diesel for establishing a threatening workplace, careless management, and unfair end, among different cases. Diesel’s sister, Samantha Vincent, who is additionally the leader of his One Race Creations, and One Race Movies, the creation organization established by Diesel and run by Vincent, are likewise named in the claim.

The Charges

As per the claim, Jonasson was recruited by One Competition to work for Diesel in different limits, including coordinating and going with him to parties and guaranteeing she was close by in photographs in the event that the need emerged. The claim affirms that Diesel physically attacked Jonasson in the fall of 2010 during the shooting of “Quick Five” in Atlanta. According to the lawsuit, Diesel forced Jonasson onto the bed by grabbing her wrists. She got away and requested that Diesel leave, however he supposedly started to grab her bosoms, kiss her chest, and run his hands along her midsection and upper legs, including her inward thighs. Jonasson was reluctant to “effectively deny her boss” for her own wellbeing and professional stability, yet after Diesel dropped to pull down her clothing, Jonasson shouted and ran toward the close by restroom. Diesel supposedly followed her and constrained her to contact his erect penis and started to stroke off.

The claim said Jonasson shut her eyes in feeling of dread toward maddening Diesel any further and wished the attack would end. Jonasson was terminated hours after the fact by Diesel’s sister Samantha Vincent, who is additionally the leader of his One Race Creations. The claim expressed that Jonasson felt like she was a “piece of junk” and her confidence was “obliterated.”

Diesel’s Reaction

Diesel’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, denied the charges, saying in an explanation, “Let me be exceptionally clear: Vin Diesel completely denies this case completely. He has never heard of this over 13-year-old claim made by an alleged disgruntled former employee before.”

Legal Action Jonasson is suing Diesel and his company, claiming, among other things, that they caused a hostile work environment, negligently supervising employees, and wrongful termination. The claim looks for undefined harms. A legal counselor from Greenberg Gross, the firm addressing Jonasson, said in a proclamation: ” We are glad to address Ms. Jonasson and consider responsible Vin Diesel and the people who permitted and concealed his rape. The law exists to safeguard the people who have been violated, regardless of how strong or renowned the respondent is. If powerful men are shielded from accountability, workplace sexual harassment will never end.”


The claims against Vin Diesel are serious and ought to be viewed in a serious way. Inappropriate behavior and attack in the work environment are unsuitable and ought not go on without serious consequences. Casualties genuinely should approach and stand up against their victimizers, and for organizations to make a proper move to keep such way of behaving from happening from now on. The legitimate interaction will decide the reality of the claims, and it is essential to allow the cycle to work out.

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